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Dog Gentle Anti-licking Healing Sleeve

Dog Gentle Anti-licking Healing Sleeve

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Is your furry friend recovering from surgery or dealing with skin conditions? Upgrade their healing process with the Gentle Dog Healing Sleeve, the modern, comfortable alternative to the traditional post-surgical cone. This recovery suit ensures the affected area remains clean, dry, and protected from licking or scratching, thus preventing any chance of infection. Its unique design applies a gentle pressure around the chest, which aids in reducing stress levels.

Comfort and Protection - Key Features:

  • Stress-Reducing Design: Unlike traditional cones that restrict movement and cause confusion, this recovery suit offers your pet the freedom to move naturally. The gentle pressure around the chest area helps to alleviate stress.
  • Keeps Wounds Clean and Dry: The sleeve acts as a second skin, shielding wounds, bandages, or skin conditions from dirt and bacteria. It prevents your dog from licking or scratching the area, promoting faster healing.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from a non-toxic, breathable, 4-way stretch fabric, the recovery suit provides optimum comfort to your furry companion. Its durability ensures it can withstand your pet's daily activities.
  • Machine Washable: The sleeve is easy to clean, ensuring your pet always has a fresh recovery suit at hand. Its reusability makes it a cost-effective solution for your pet's recovery process.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for postoperative recovery, protecting hot spots, covering salves, and more. With the Gentle Dog Healing Sleeve, your pet can heal in comfort and dignity.

    Size Chest Circumference (cm/in) Leg Length (cm/in)
    XXS 27-33cm / 10.6-13in 10cm / 3.9in
    XS 30-43cm / 11.8-16.9in 12cm / 4.7in
    S 40-52cm / 15.7-20.5in 17cm / 6.7in
    M 45-61cm / 17.7-24in 23cm / 9.1in
    L 54-68cm / 21.3-26.8in 35cm / 13.8in
    XL 64-84cm / 25.2-33.1in 35cm / 13.8in
    XXL 80-104cm / 31.5-40.9in 41cm / 16.1in
    XXXL 96-124cm / 37.8-48.8in 48cm / 18.9in

    Measuring Chest Circumference:

    1. Use a Soft Tape Measure: This will mold to your dog's body shape and provide accurate measurements.
    2. Positioning: Have your dog stand up in their natural position.
    3. Locate the Widest Part: Typically, this is right behind the front legs. This is the area you'll want to measure.
    4. Snug, Not Tight: When measuring, the tape should be snug but not too tight. You should be able to comfortably slip two fingers beneath it.
    5. Multiple Measurements: It's a good idea to measure a couple of times to ensure accuracy.

    Measuring Leg Length:

    1. Start at the Shoulder: For front leg length, measure from the top of the shoulder (or the base of the neck) down to the paw.
    2. Rear Leg Measurements: Start from the hip (where the leg connects to the body) down to the paw.
    3. Natural Stance: Make sure your dog is standing on a flat surface in a natural stance for accurate measurements.
    4. Consider Paw Length: Remember that you're measuring for clothing, so consider if you need to subtract the length of the paw if the outfit won't cover it.

    Lastly, always prioritize your dog's comfort over aesthetics. If they're not comfortable in the outfit, it's not worth it.


Embrace the Gentle Dog Healing Sleeve and ensure your canine companion a swift and stress-free recovery.

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