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FelineFeast: 5 Meal Digital Automatic Feeder

FelineFeast: 5 Meal Digital Automatic Feeder

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Key Features:

  • Kitty Chow on Schedule: 5 compartments for the purr-fect mix of wet and dry goodies.
  • Hear Me, Whiskers: Leave a voice message. Whether it's a "Come get your tuna!" or just a soft "Miss you, kitty!"
  • Meals Without the Wait: Dial-in their dining delights with the easy-peasy digital scheduler.
  • Sneaky Paw-Proof: The lock-in lid ensures no midnight mischief. Plus, our rubber seal keeps that salmon fresh.
  • Cleanup? Cat's Play: Dishwasher-friendly tray and lid. Yup, it's that simple.
  • Power Choices: Go with the AC adapter or batteries. Always ready for the next mealtime.
  • For All Cats: From the lazy lounge cats to the playful pouncers, all kitties are covered.

FelineFeast: The Cat's Culinary Clock

Ever wished your cat's meals would just... sort themselves out? Enter FelineFeast. Whether you're stuck at work, sleeping in, or on a spontaneous adventure, your feline's feast is on time, every time. And with your recorded message? Kitty knows they're never dining alone.

Mix up their meals with wet, dry, or a bit of both. Use that digital wizardry to lock in their favorite feeding times. Freshness is a given, thanks to our rubber seal, and the lid? Say goodbye to those sneaky snack thefts.

When it's time to clean? Just pop the tray and lid into the dishwasher. Easy, breezy, meow-y.

And, no worries about power. Wall socket or batteries – FelineFeast keeps the nibbles coming.

Who's This For?

Cat parents, this one's for you! Busy schedules, late nights, or just some away time – whatever's on your calendar, FelineFeast ensures your kitty dines in style. Every. Single. Time.


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