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SnugPup Deluxe: All-Size Warm Jacket for Dogs

SnugPup Deluxe: All-Size Warm Jacket for Dogs

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Key Features:

  • Universal Coziness: From petite pups to big barkers, we've got all sizes covered.
  • Year-Round Adventures: Venture outdoors, regardless of your dog's size or the weather!
  • Trendy Tails: A mix of convenience and modern design for dogs of every dimension.
  • Stay Dry, Stay Warm: Superior polyester crafting, perfect for all doggy shapes and sizes.
  • All Sizes, One Jacket: Embracing diversity, from small to XXXXL.
  • Versatility in Vogue: Celebrating every dog, every size, every style.
  • Color Me Stylish: In classic black and more, for every pawsonality.

Product Description: Unveiling the "SnugPup Deluxe" - the inclusive winter jacket every dog lover needs. It isn’t just about keeping your fur-baby warm; it’s about celebrating every size, ensuring each one feels special and comfortable.

One Jacket, All Breeds: Dive into soft, plush fabrics designed to make every dog feel pampered and loved, irrespective of size.

For Every Season & Size: This is your all-weather, all-size ticket to outdoor fun.

Fashion Forward, Size Inclusive: Our jacket doesn't just look good; it's a statement of inclusivity in the canine fashion world.

Weather-Proof Wonder for All: Quality meets versatility, ensuring warmth and comfort for dogs of all sizes.

From Tiny to Mighty: Whether your furry friend is small, medium, large, or XXXXL, SnugPup Deluxe is the fit they deserve.

Celebrate your dog, no matter their size, with the SnugPup Deluxe. From park adventures to winter snuggles, let them shine in style and comfort.

Sizing Guide:

How to Measure Your Dog:

  1. Chest: Get the circumference around the broadest part of their chest, just behind the front legs.
  2. Neck: Go around the base, right where the collar sits.
  3. Length: Measure starting from the base of the neck, all the way to the tail's base.
Size Chest (in) Neck (in) Length (in)
Small 15.7 10.6 8.7
Medium 17.7 11.8 10.6
Large 19.7 13 12.6
XL 21.7 14.2 14.6
XXL 23.6 15.4 14.6
XXXL 25.6 16.5 18.5
XXXXL 28.3 17.7 20.5


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