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TravelEase Calming Collar: Journeying With Your Tranquil Feline

TravelEase Calming Collar: Journeying With Your Tranquil Feline

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Key Features:

  • Travel Anxiety Banished: Specifically designed to address travel-induced anxiety and restlessness in cats.
  • Natural Travel Companion: Infused with calming chamomile and lavender essential oils to ease journey jitters.
  • Immediate Road Trip Relief: Starts working within just 1 hour, releasing pheromones that curb stress-induced behaviors on the move.
  • Extended Journey Comfort: Ensures up to 60 days of continuous calm, perfect for both short commutes and longer adventures.
  • Universal Fit & Adventure-Proof: Adjustable 19-inch collar fits cats and kittens of all sizes; waterproof for any travel surprises.

Product Spotlight:

Embark on a peaceful journey with your feline friend with the TravelEase Calming Collar. Expertly crafted, this collar is your cat's ticket to relaxed travels, be it a quick vet visit, a holiday road trip, or a move to a new home.

The collar incorporates the gentle essences of chamomile and lavender, renowned for their calming properties. Combined with the collar's pheromone-release mechanism, these natural agents work synergistically to alleviate travel anxiety, making every journey smoother for your cat.

By mimicking the comforting pheromones produced by mother cats, the TravelEase collar instills a sense of home and security even on the move, significantly reducing common travel-related behaviors like restlessness, vocalization, and scratching.

Made from durable, hypoallergenic TPE material, it ensures comfort even during extended travel times. The 19-inch adjustable length caters to cats and kittens of all sizes. And if your journey has some unexpected rain or water encounters, the waterproof feature ensures your cat's comfort isn’t compromised.

No more dreading trips with your feline friend. The TravelEase Calming Collar transforms travel time into a serene experience for both you and your cat.

Prepare for your next adventure and ensure it's a calm one. After all, every journey is better with a contented cat by your side.



Cat owners frequently on the move, seeking a stress-free travel solution for their feline companions, from kittens to senior cats.


Travel-Calming, Fast-Acting Relief, Natural Ingredients, Adjustable Fit, Adventure-Ready Design.


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