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KittyGenius: The Ultimate Self-Cleaning Litter Box - Clean Paws, Fresh Home

KittyGenius: The Ultimate Self-Cleaning Litter Box - Clean Paws, Fresh Home

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Key Features:

  • Autopilot Cleaning: Let KittyGenius handle the dirty work. No scoops, no fuss.
  • More Room, Less Boom: A spacious 65L+9L capacity that's purrfect for multi-cat mansions.
  • Control from the Couch: Command your litter box from anywhere with our sleek app.
  • Sniff. Ahh, Fresh: Ionic magic zaps away those eau de cat bathroom scents.
  • Clean Your Way: Three cleaning modes. You pick the vibe, KittyGenius delivers.
  • Mess-Free Zone: A self-sealing waste drawer? Yep. Say goodbye to kitty litter disasters.
  • Feline First Design: Created with your cat's comfort and swagger in mind.

Elevate Your Cat's Loo Experience:

Ever wish cleaning your cat's litter was as simple as pushing a button? Enter KittyGenius. Designed to give your feline friend the royal bathroom experience while taking the grunt work off your hands.

Roomy & Ready
Multiple cats? No problem! KittyGenius' generous size means fewer trips to the trash can and more snuggle time.

Remote Wizardry
Out for sushi or chilling on your sofa? Either way, control the cleaning from your phone. Because you've got better things to scoop.

No More Stink-Eye (or Nose)
Ionic tech steps in to keep things fresh. Your nose (and guests) will thank you.

Tailored Clean
Soft clean, deep clean, turbo clean - you choose. Every kitty's got their style.

Safe & Sleek
KittyGenius keeps litter (and its treasures) tucked away safely. No more surprise trails leading to the box.

All About That Cat Life
Thoughtfully designed to make your feline's bathroom breaks a posh affair.


Perfect For:

Cool cats and their even cooler humans looking for the neatest, tidiest, techiest litter solution. Big families with more paws than people, or anyone wanting to reclaim those litter-scooping minutes.


KittyGenius Highlights:

  • Next-gen self-cleaning brilliance
  • Built for multi-cat homes with its spacious capacity
  • Cleaning from your fingertips with app connectivity
  • Ionic freshness for a nose-happy home
  • Customizable cleaning modes for the right kind of clean
  • Safety-first with mess-busting features
  • Purrfectly designed for kitty kings and queens.


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