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Pawshine Pro: The Ultimate Deshedding & Dematting Brush for Dogs

Pawshine Pro: The Ultimate Deshedding & Dematting Brush for Dogs

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Key Features:

  • Double Trouble for Tangles: Two-sided brush designed for both shedding and dematting.
  • Doggy-Do Dream: Ideal for long-haired pups, get ready for some serious fur transformation.
  • Built to Bark About: Durable stainless steel and rubber construction ensures long-lasting use.
  • Say Bye to Bad Fur Days: Easily tackles loose undercoats, mats, and tangled fur.
  • Shiny Pup Promise: Regular grooming equals a gleaming, healthy coat.
  • Shed Less, Play More: Dramatically reduces shedding - up to a whopping 95%!
  • One Size Woofs All: Perfect for pooches of all sizes and fur types.

Product Spotlight:

Step up your grooming game with Pawshine Pro: The Ultimate Deshedding & Dematting Brush for Dogs. Every dog owner's dream, this brush ensures your pup stands out in the dog park for all the right reasons.

A double-sided marvel, one side boasts 9 teeth for gentle brushing, effortlessly saying adios to loose undercoat, mats, and knots. Flip it over, and the 17-teeth side is ready to tackle thicker, more stubborn fur, making your dog’s coat paw-sitively shine.

Regular brushing with Pawshine Pro isn’t just about looks; it's a health thing. By getting rid of excess fur and preventing tangles, your dog's coat will breathe better, making them feel comfier and shedding way less.

Your home will thank you too! With up to 95% less shedding, those furry tumbleweeds rolling across your living room floor will be a thing of the past.

Oh, and did we mention safety? With its rounded teeth, grooming is gentle, ensuring your dog's comfort throughout.

Whether you've got a tiny Terrier or a giant Great Dane, Pawshine Pro is the grooming buddy you've been waiting for. Give your dog the glam treatment they deserve!



Dog parents who believe in top-notch grooming for their fur babies. If you want your pup to strut their stuff with a lush, tangle-free coat, Pawshine Pro is the brush you’ve been seeking. Happy grooming, happier pups!


Sturdy Design, Dual-Functionality, Gentle Grooming, Shine-Boosting, Significant Shedding Reduction, Suitable for All Dog Types.


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